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Italy-US partnership at the center of Space Days in Washington with White House National Space Council

L'evento in "Piazza Italia"

Washington (December 15, 2023) – On the occasion of National Space Day, on December 13th and 14th, the second edition of Italian Space Days was held at the Embassy of Italy in Washington DC. These two days featured events and workshops that highlighted Italy’s contribution to the global space industry and strengthening collaboration between Italy and the United States in the sector.

“Today, we come together to celebrate Italy’s prowess, experience, and vision in the space sector, recognizing the economic, commercial, and social benefits of our commitment in the field on both national and international scales. Italy not only boasts a rich space tradition, but also possesses a comprehensive supply chain, including launchers, infrastructure, downstream services, and nanosatellites. We have proven to have great capabilities and cooperate with the United States in all aspects, with the added value of our creativity and innovation,” emphasized Ambassador Mariangela Zappia at the end of the event.

Bringing the events to a close, Chirag Parikh, National Space Council Executive Secretary at the White House, also spoke. “The partnership between Italy and the United States, aligning not only our technologies but also our democratic ideals, is very important as we move towards a new phase in the space era,” highlighted Parikh, announcing that “in 2024, the first USA-Italy space dialogue will take place, covering all sectors, with a particular focus on innovative industry.”

The event, held in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency, the Italian Space Agency, and key institutional and commercial partners, including the Space Foundation, SDA Bocconi, ITI Space Enterprise Council, and CNR-IIA, brought together experts, businesses, and enthusiasts, providing insights into the latest technologies and innovations in the space sector.

Throughout the event, the Embassy hosted stands of leading Italian companies in the space sector, including I.R.C.A. Zoppas, T4i Technology For Propulsion And Innovation, D-Orbit, Ceipiemonte, Kayser Italia, Eie Group, New Production Concept, Jointek, Alma Sistemi, Altec, Thales Alenia, Officina Stellare, Argotec, Space Factory, Avio, Arca Dynamics, Roboze, Optec, and Involve Group.

On the first day, the Global Space Summit took place, featuring roundtable discussions on key themes, such as innovation in the space industry and cybersecurity.

The second day saw the opening of the Commercial Space Forum, with dozens of B2B meetings aimed at collaboration between Italian companies and U.S. industrial leaders, organized with the support of the Italian Air Force, Space Foundation, SDA Bocconi, and Italy’s National Research Council (CNR).

In addition, a press conference was held on the “Italian Space Food” project, attended by the Italian Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty, and Forests, Hon. Francesco Lollobrigida; A.C. Charania, NASA Chief Technologist; Italian Air Force General Antonio Conserva; Michael Suffredini, Axiom Space CEO; Italian Air Force Colonel and Ax-3 mission pilot Walter Villadei; Paolo Barilla, Barilla Group Vice President; and Giovanni Rana Jr., Rana Group Innovation Manager.