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The 3rd Italian cuisine week in the world kicks off in Washington and the United States (November 12-16, 2018)



The 3rd Italian cuisine week in the world kicks off in Washington and the United States (November 12-16, 2018)

Washington DC, November 9, 2018 - The 3rd Edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World will start in Washington DC and the USA on Monday November 12 with a vast selection of events suitable to "all palates". The Week , that has now reached its third edition, has established itself as an important event for the promotion of Italy abroad.

This year, the “Week” is dedicated to the culinary and cultural traditions of Puglia, the Region of Honor of the National Italian American Foundation 43rd Annual Gala that took place in Washington on October 13, 2018.

Talking about food and Italy is always a perfect match, and the Italian Cuisine Week is much more than an invitation to eat Italian. Italy’s food is culture in a much wider sense and merges knowledge and promotion of traditions, through the expansion of tourism options, which have a strong link to the production of healthy foods rooted in its territories. Italy is the European country with the highest number of products that are labeled as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), or Traditional Specialties Guaranteed (TSG). They are 299 in total and represent a growing heritage of great cultural, economic and social value. This activity is accompanied by the struggle to counter the trend of misleading Italian sounding names.

Italian Cuisine means quality, sustainability, culture, food safety, the right to food, education, identity, territory and biodiversity. Italian cuisine is also synonymous with the Mediterranean diet that combines taste, natural flavors and authenticity with health.

The organization of the Italian Cuisine Week sees the collaboration of public and private sectors. From government to cooking schools, from regions to agencies, from universities to certified Italian restaurants, the contributors to this program are numerous and represent a pillar of the Italian economy.

In the United States, the network of Italian Consulates, Cultural Institutes and Trade Agencies

has organized numerous events in coordination with the Italian Embassy in Washington (link: The Embassy, in collaboration with the Apulia Region, proposes a full program of events ranging from a movie screening, a photo exhibition, a conversation on distribution networks in large cities, and on the effects of the digital revolution on nutrition, culminating in the world-famous dance show of the Notte della Taranta.

A meeting of representatives of the Italian diplomatic network in the USA will also take place to assess the market penetration of the Italian agro-food sector and discuss the strategies to continue consolidating the presence of Italian companies and products in the American market.

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