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Partial list of professionals of reference available to residents of the Washington D.C. consular area

1. Physicians of record

Physicians whose services should be used in particular for Italian driver license renewals and mandatory visits (“visite fiscali”).

  • Dr. Giovanni IMPEDUGLIA
    11161 New Hampshire Avenue
    Suite 301
    Silver Spring, MD 20904
    Tel.: +1 301 681-7101
    Fax: +1 855 885-1472
  • Dr. Erminia SCARCELLA
    4910 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Apt. 300
    Washington, DC 20016
    Tel.: +1 202 285-0617
    Fax: +1 202 244-3152

2. Partial list of professionals

Listed below are the names and contact details of several professionals whose services may be used although you may hire professionals of your choosing whose names do not appear on this list. Please note that the list is populated at the request of the professionals themselves who have asked that their names be added. The list must therefore be considered open ended and by no means exhaustive.

The Embassy is not in a position to vouch for the quality of services rendered by said professionals, their work, or the fees they charge.

  • Other physicians (other than those referenced) who speak Italian:
    Consult the following website:
  • Attorneys:
    Please refer to the list provided by the Consulate General of Italy in New York. Click here to consult the website.
  • Translators and interpreters:



    • Mrs. Simona HOWE (translator and interpreter)
      Tel.: +1 703 217-3404;