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Inauguration at the Phillips Collection of “The Poetry of Mark Making” an exhibition by Bice Lazzari (November 19, 2018).



Inauguration at the Phillips Collection of “The Poetry of Mark Making” an exhibition by Bice Lazzari (November 19, 2018).

Washington DC, November 20, 2018 – A celebration of the contribution of women in the art. This is the central theme of the event dedicated to Italian artist Bice Lazzari’s The Poetry of Mark-Making exhibition at the prestigious Phillips Collection in Washington DC. The exhibition, open until February 24, 2019, is focused on four Bice Lazzari’s works that the Bice Lazzari Archives donated to the Phillips Collection.

As the Director of the Phillips Collection Dorothy Kosinksi emphasized in the catalog “Bice Lazzari is one of the most innovative female abstract painters of the 20th century. I’m honored that the Phillips Collection can allow more and more people to admire her works.”

“Bice Lazzari’s artistic journey represents a precise and solitary search for new codes and new expressive forms and language,” said Ambassador of Italy to the US Armando Varricchio during the event. He then added “I’m glad that this artist from Venice is obtaining a well-deserved recognition at international level, in the most prestigious art galleries from London to Washington DC.

During his introduction Ambassador Varricchio also recalled that “art is a fundamental instrument of communication and dialogue and an integral part of the bond uniting Italy and the US” as testified by the presence at the event of officials from both the Italian and American administrations taking part in the inaugural meeting of the bilateral Strategic Dialogue, focused on security and stability in the Mediterranean, energy security and defense cooperation.

The opening night, organized with the contribution of the Embassy of Italy, the Bice Lazzari Archives, and the Phillips Collection, was also attended by Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Wes Mitchell who recalled the contribution that Italy and the US give to international security.