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Italian Government to award cash prizes for talented translators



Italian Government to award cash prizes for talented translators

courtesy of CG Mauro Battocchi - S. Francisco


Imagine a world where Dante’s Inferno was never translated into other languages. What profound poetry would have been lost to so many hungry minds across the world. Or imagine a world where Primo Levi’s touching prose about the horrors of the Holocaust never reached a foreign ear. Conversely, my fellow Italians, what if the great works from abroad – from Friedrich Nietzsche and René Descartes to Haruki Murakami and David Foster Wallace – were never shepherded into la bella lingua. What a loss! And what gratitude we owe all the toiling translators who have done this hard work and helped bridge cultural and intellectual divides across diverse tongues for the betterment of humanity as a whole.

In the vein of promoting cultural dialogue and translations of important works across various languages, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism has announced cash prizes in 2016 for the submission of noteworthy translations. There will be four prizes that recognize excellence in the following areas:

- Translation into the Italian language of one or a few works from other languages either classical, modern or dialect texts.
- Translation into a foreign language of one or a few works in Italian or Italian dialect.
- An Italian editor for works translated into italian from another language either classical, modern or dialect text.
- A foreign editor for works in the Italian language or Italian dialect translated into a different language.

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(Headquarters for the Minsitry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism in Rome)

The application deadline to be accepted into the competition is February 29th, 2016. To apply to participate, please submit a the following requirements on paper, in copy and in digital format (PDF, CD or DVD):

1. A summary and CV of the author or, if represented by a publisher, the materials developed by the publisher to present the author.
2. A written description of the specific works intended for translation.
3. The translator’s tax number and bank account number (complete with IBAN), as well as a copy of a government ID.
4. A specimen of the work(s) that would be translated.
5. A legal declaration of understanding the legal ramifications of falsifying documentation or translation pursuant to article 76 of the D.P.R. 445/2000.

These questions must be postmarked by February 29th and submitted to:

Ministero per i Beni e le Attivita’ Culturali ed il Turismo
Direzione Generale per le Biblioteche, gli Istituti Culturali ed il Diritto d'autore - Segreteria della Commissione per i premi per la traduzione
Via Michele Mercati, n. 4 - 00197 Roma