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Visa step 3 of 5 - Fees


Visa step 3 of 5 - Fees


Schengen visa (short stay visa up to 90 days)  $88.00 (*)
Schengen visa (short stay visas up to 90 days for citizens
of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaigian, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia,
Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation,
Serbia, Ukraine)**
$44.00 (*) (**)

Minors (6-12 years old)

$44.00 (*)

National visa (long stay visa, more than 90 days)

$127.60 (*)
National study visa (long stay visa, more than 90 days) $55.00 (*)

(*) As per the Consular Rate established for the 3rd quarter 2020 (valid from July 1st through September 30th).

(**) Agreements with the European Community on streamlining visa processing.


Payment of visa fees can be made as follows:

- By cashier’s check (no personal check) or money order to “Embassy of Italy, Washington DC”;

- Cash; if so, you are kindly requested to provide the office with the exact amount;


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