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National Unity Day and Armed Forces Day. A solemn commemoration in Washington



National Unity Day and Armed Forces Day. A solemn commemoration in Washington

Washington, November 4, 2020. A virtual commemoration of National Unity and of the Armed Forces Day was held in Washington. In this year marked by the pandemic, on 4 November the Italian Flag (Il Tricolore) was the protagonist. A symbol of unity and cohesion, around which all Italians gathered during the most acute phase of the crisis.

Ambassador Varricchio underlined how freedom and democracy are the pillars of the Alliance that ties the United States and Italy and how “in defense of these values our countries cooperate on a daily basis in the most diverse theatres in the context of the United Nations, NATO and the European Union”. “Our women and men in uniform - continued Varricchio - have built very solid and productive relationships with their American colleagues, based on a deep mutual esteem and on a professionalism and experience of the highest level”.

The Defense Attaché, Maj. Gen. Stefano Cont, recalled that “serving our country with pride and passion is, perhaps, the strongest bond that unites us to the US Armed Forces. We work together in many operational theaters and we share the commitment for the security of our citizens.”

The commemorations on November 4 were marked by a series of videos and photos published on the Embassy's social media channels relating to the activities of our Armed Forces in Italy and abroad, to the flag-raising ceremony, the national anthems and
official speeches. In the morning, Ambassador Varricchio laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Military Cemetery. A delegation of Italian Members of Parliament, currently visiting the United States, also attended the ceremony.