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The Italian Embassy in Washington participated in the EU Open House Day



The Italian Embassy in Washington participated in the EU Open House Day

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The beginning moments of Mimmo Miccolis’ FIRST during the EU Open House at the Italian Embassy

Washington, May 14 2018

The Embassy of Italy in Washington, along with the other 27 Embassies of EU Member States, opened its doors to the public during the 2018 edition of the EU Open House on May 12th.

The EU Open House traditionally takes place around Europe Day and represent one of the main events of the month of May in the capital of the United States. The opening of the Embassies allows visitors to increase their knowledge of the European Union Member States in many ways, from history to culture from traditions to the most modern and innovative aspects.

The Embassy of Italy was visited by roughly 6000 people who experienced the treasures of our country firsthand, from the professionalism of our Armed Forces, to the competitiveness of our companies, at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Visitors had also an opportunity to admire the great artistic tradition of our country, represented, among other things, by the archaeological artifacts permanently displayed at the Embassy and by the exhibitions of contemporary artists Emilio Cavallini and Patrizio Travagli. The day also allowed visitors to appreciate the level of excellence of our research, of the members of ISSNAF, of the Italian scientists working in many American institutions such as NASA and the National Institutes of Health. Visitors also found information on the offer of Italian language courses in the Washington area from Georgetown and George Washington University, the University of Maryland, the Italian Cultural Society and Casa Italiana. Furthermore, thousands of people took advantage of the chance to eat a pizza, an ice cream and sip an Italian coffee.

During the day, Italian choreographer Mimmo Miccolis brought his FIRSTS dance show to the stage in collaboration with the Washington Ballet, with original music by Francesco Germini performed by violinist Caterina Vannucci.

The EU open House was made possible thanks to the contribution of the Italian Cultural Institute and the support of the Embassy sponsors and partners.