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The Italian Way: a documentary on Italy and Italians in the world (in translation)



The Italian Way: a documentary on Italy and Italians in the world (in translation)

THE ITALIAN WAY from Luigi Maria Perotti on Vimeo.

The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs sponsors a series of cultural and informative activities for Italian citizens living abroad. Among these initiatives, in 2015 the Minister financed the making of a documentary called “The Italian Way”, produced by Stamen Film, and directed by Luigi Maria Perotti. The documentary narrates the stories of a few young Italian men and women who, after overcoming the tribulations of life away from their home country, established themselves abroad as successful professionals. The documentary follows the evolution of the perception of strengths and weaknesses related to the Italian character.

“The Italian Way” follows the experiences of three young Italian migrants who settled in Rio de Janerio, San Francisco and London. The documentary describes the circumstances that prompted these young people to leave their home country. The film then focuses on the skills, experiences, cultural backgrounds and creative ideas that allowed them to be successful in the new work environment, earning praise and appreciation from colleagues, friends, and partners of various nationalities. Ultimately these colleagues, friends and partners, after daily frequentation of their Italian colleagues, friends and partners, are able to outline the typical traits of “Italianity”: once stereotypes are overcome, the secret of the success of the three Italian young men and women described in the documentary turns out to be their “Italianity” indeed.