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Urbino Press Award 2014



Urbino Press Award 2014

Yesterday, before an expectant audience of 200, Ambassador of Italy to the USA Claudio Bisogniero officially announced the winner of the 2014 Urbino Press Award: Maria Bartiromo. The prestigious journalism prize created in 2006 is assigned every year to a U.S. journalist who has made a distinguished contribution to readers or viewers of the news.

“The Urbino Press Award has become a hallmark moment in Washington’s journalistic and diplomatic tradition,” noted the Ambassador as he introduced the winner. “This evening we are adding one more name to this exclusive roster,” he continued, reminding that Bartiromo was one of the first journalists to make reporting on the complexities of finance both thorough and understandable.

Bartiromo, who recently debuted on the Fox Business Network with Opening Bell, was for many years a star on CNBC, as well as the first female journalist to broadcast live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

“I feel very fortunate to have been able to have a front seat to the global economy over the last 25 years; to have watched first hand how we are truly all connected, in the bad times and in the good times," said Bartirmo, adding: "To be recognized by my friends in Italy and in the Italian-American community: I think I have arrived." "Every success that I’ve been able to achieve is a direct result of my family upbringing, with Italian-American parents and grandparents," continued Bartiromo, adding that the Urbino Press Award clearly reflects the deep friendship -- past, present, and future -- bonding Italy and the United States.

A number of past winners were present at the event: Wolf Blitzer (2013); David Ignatius (2010); and Michael Weisskopf (2007). On hand on the Italian side were Sara Giannini, Councilwoman for Innovation and Production for the Marche Region, and Giuseppe Lani and Gabriele Cavalera, President and Secretary of the Urbino Press Award, respectively. The musical accompaniment is now a beloved tradition of the Award and this year three young talents from the Catholic University of America -- soprano Emily Casey and Yeji Yoon accompanied on piano by Nathan Blair -- performed celebrated Italian compositions from Puccini, Rossini, and Bellini.

The City of Urbino, located in the Marche region, gave life to one of the most enlightened courts of Europe during the Renaissance, once enriched by geniuses like Baldassarre Castiglione and Torquato Tasso.