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Instructions on how to obtain a declaration of value for a Ph.D.


Instructions on how to obtain a declaration of value for a Ph.D.

To obtain the equivalency in Italy of a Ph.D, you will need to obtain a Declaration of Value from an Italian Consulate in the US.

Students who have obtained a Ph.D. or other doctorate degrees at a university outside of Italy may request their equivalency recognition by contacting the Italian ministry of education directly at:

Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca (MIUR)

Dipartimento Istruzione Universitaria

Piazzale Kennedy, 20

00144 Roma EUR


Tel.: +39-06-59-911

To verify if your school is under the jurisdiction of the Consular Offices of Washington, DC, check the list of the Consulates’ jurisdiction in the US, by clicking here.

  1. “Application form for verification of academic degrees and documents” properly filled out with the student’s information and signature. To download the application form, click here;
  2. Italian “diploma di laurea”, or a foreign Master’s degree previously recognized as its equivalent;
  3. Original university transcripts, with corresponding Italian translation;
  4. Original foreign Ph.D. diploma, with corresponding Italian translation;
  5. Thesis or scientific research necessary to the attainment of the Ph.D. degree, along with its corresponding curriculum studiorum (Students are not allowed to submit scientific publications in lieu of their doctoral thesis, even if they are a direct result of their post-doctoral research work);
  6. Academic certificate from either the student’s tutor, research supervisor, or the Dean of the Ph.D. program;
  7. Any other academic records deemed necessary for a more accurate assessment by the Italian National University Council (Consiglio Universitario Nazionale), which, according to Italian law, must declare its opinion regarding the equivalency of the academic degree being requested;
  8. Declaration of Value ("Dichiarazione di Valore") issued by the corresponding Italian consular office;
  9. Items 2 and 3 above must bear the signature of the university’s Registrar, as well as the seal and signature of a Notary Public, plus the corresponding Apostille; For information on how to obtain an apostille click here;
  10. A letter addressed to the corresponding Italian consular office indicating the reasons why the Declaration of Value is being requested;
  11. A copy of the student’s passport or Italian national i.d. card.
  12. A pre-paid DHL, FedEx or UPS envelope to return the original documents back to the applicant once they’ve been processed. Please be advised that we cannot accept pre-paid envelopes from the U.S. postal service.

All documents provided (diplomas, transcripts, letters, etc.), must be translated into Italian. The student may prepare the translations which will then be authenticated by the Consular office. It is the responsibility of the student to submit translations that are complete, accurate, and clearly typed.

DO NOT detach the original documents from the Apostille for any reason. Removing the staple from the Apostille will make the document null and void.

Please be advised that a fee is due for documents that are not for academic purposes.

Important: Declarations of value are usually issued in about a month. Please submit all the required documentation with ample time to ensure the declaration will be ready when needed.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Recognition of foreign educational qualifications in Washington, DC. For contact information, click here.