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Instructions on how to obtain a Declaration of Value (“Dichiarazione di Valore”) for students that attended an American Middle School.


Instructions on how to obtain a Declaration of Value (“Dichiarazione di Valore”) for students that attended an American Middle School.

The 5th grade transcript is equivalent to an Italian elementary school diploma and it allows a student to enroll in the Italian scuola media inferiore (Junior High), which lasts three years.

If the student has finished the 5th grade in an elementary school in the United States, and should he/she decide to enroll in an Italian Junior High school, he/she needs to submit the last year’s report card along with the 5th grade transcript.

To enroll at an Italian school, students that have attend one or more years at an American elementary school need to obtain a declaration of value from an Italian Consulate in the United States.

To verify if your school is under the jurisdiction of the Consular Offices of Washington, DC, check the list of the Consulates’ jurisdiction in the US, by clicking here.

In order to enroll in Italian schools, and to obtain the corresponding Declaration of Value, the parent or legal guardian must submit the following documents:

1. “Application form for verification of academic degrees and documents” properly filled out with the student’s information and signature. In case of underage students, one of the parents should sign the application form; To download the application form, click here;

2. The school’s final transcript bearing the signature of either the Registrar or Principal, as well as the official school seal + Apostille issued by the Secretary of State. For information on how to obtain an apostille, click here. Please make sure that the transcript shows accurately:

  • The student’s full name
  • Name and address of the school
  • The academic year being reported
  • The grade just completed
  • The final grade
  • The transcript must state that the student is hereby being “Promoted” to the next academic level
  • The grading system being used (i.e.: A= Excellent; S = Satisfactory, etc.) Should this information be missing, it’ll be necessary to request a separate statement on school letterhead, signed by either the Registrar or Principal showing the grading system being used.

3. The transcript’s Italian translation, which must be thorough, accurate and typed.

4. If applicable, a letter from the parent or legal guardian’s employer showing the period the family lived in the United States due to work or immigration, listing the student as part of the family members.

5. A copy of the student’s passport or Italian national i.d. card.

6. A pre-paid DHL, FedEx or UPS envelope to return the original documents back to the applicant once they’ve been processed. Please be advised that we cannot accept pre-paid envelopes from the U.S. postal service.

DO NOT detach the original documents from the Apostille for any reason. Removing the staple from the Apostille will make the document null and void.

Please be advised that a fee is due for documents that are not for academic purposes.

Important: Declarations of value are usually issued in about a month. Please submit all the required documentation with ample time to ensure the declaration will be ready when needed.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Recognition of foreign educational qualifications in Washington, DC. For contact information, click here.