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Shipping human/exhumed remains or ashes to Italy


Shipping human/exhumed remains or ashes to Italy

The Chancery provides assistance to repatriate ashes or remains. To obtain authorization to ship human/exhumed remains or ashes of a deceased relative from the jurisdiction of this Embassy to Italy, the U.S. Funeral Home must provide the Chancery with the following documents:

  1. two original death certificates with Apostille and translation;
  2. FOR ASHES ONLY: certificate of cremation with Apostille and translation;
    FOR FULL BODIES ONLY: human/exhumed remains require an Affidavit from the City/County Health Department certifying that death was not the result of a contagious disease, with Apostille and translation;
  3. notarized Affidavit from the Director of the Funeral Home (see FORM A or B);
  4. information sheet (FORM C) on the deceased on funeral home stationery;
  5. Italian passport (will be returned at the end), or notarized copy of US/other passport;
  6. Pre-paid return envelope.

As of June 1, 2015, the consular fee for the repatriation of remains or ashes is 98.60 U.S. dollars. Please contact the Chancery – Office of Citizenship and Vital Records to verify the exact fee as they are subject to change on a trimester basis.

Upon receipt of the documentation, the Chancery will request authorization from the proper Authority in Italy (Comune/Municipality) for the remains or ashes to enter Italy. Once authorization is received, the Chancery will contact the funeral home to arrange for the sealing of the casket or the wooden box containing the urn and consign all the required travel documents.

N.B.: following arrival at the airport or first port of entry in Italy, remains and ashes must use overland transport to arrive at the final destination. Air hearses are prohibited within the Republic of Italy.


Contact information of the Consular Office in Washington: Office of Citizenship and Vital Records