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Consular Services


Consular Services

If you are an Italian citizen who is in the United States or an U.S. citizen interested in carrying out activities in Italy, you may need the services provided by the Consular Office of the Embassy of Italy in Washington or one of the nine Italian Consulates in the United States.

  • To determine which Italian Consulate has jurisdiction over your place of residence, click here.
  • For the address and hours of the Consular Office in Washington, click here.
  • For general information about the consular services provided by Italy’s diplomatic and consular missions in the world, click here.

The Italian Consulates protect Italian nationals in various circumstances, for example: violations of basic rights, arrest or detention, emergencies in crisis situations, locating family members, issue of travel documents in case of lost or stolen passport, repatriation of remains.

Consular services are provided in keeping with the principles of equality, fairness, efficiency and transparency. The exercise of certain rights and access to some services are available only to Italians who are registered with the Italian Citizens Residing Abroad (AIRE) program as required by Law no. 470 of 1988.

  • To learn more about the AIRE and what services are available only to persons registered, click here.



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Do I always have to provide original certificates? How do I ensure that documents certified by U.S. authorities are valid in Italy? Can I pay for a service with a credit card? Can the Embassy provide me with the contact details of a doctor, lawyer, or translator?

To answer these questions, below is some information on self-certifications, apostilles, and payments that may be useful when requesting a consular service:




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The following is a list, non exhaustive, of the services provided by our Consular offices. Click on the service for a brief description. Unless otherwise specified you may contact us for more information at email or the other addresses at this link.